DPI Accusense Golf Cart Battery Charger MODE Selection Chart BP

Accusense DPI Golf Battery Charger-Charge Mode

We get quite a few calls about setting the charge mode for the new Accusense DPI (Diversified Power International) golf cart battery charger. Here is a quick look chart to double check that your golf cart charger is running the correct MODE for your batteries. The Mode select feature allows for fine tuning the charger with a specific charge algorithm for the battery or chemistry of batteries in your application.

The Basics

The Accusense DPI Golf Battery Charger is factory comes with a preset charge of MODE-1 which will cover all lead acid or flooded golf cart battery applications. This is auto-sense (with a range of approx 200-255Ah) which is a little hot for an inexpensive 8 volt golf cart battery from stores like Sams, Wal-Mart, or most parts stores. Usually these batteries are in a black or grey box with the company sticker on it and come from Mexico or Korea. The alloy inside these batteries is usually a mix of lead and something else as they use reclaimed lead which is not nearly as pure as US made batteries. Pete’s believes that batteries are the heart of your golf cart’s system so spend a little more and you will be glad you did. Cycle life and performance will become apparent over time when using a “cheaper” battery.  A quality battery like those from US Batteries likes to be charged hotter than most so they are an excellent choice. These batteries should be energized to the point of bubbling or boiling. When batteries are new the lead is not 100% cured and usually requires 15-25 charge cycles to completely cure. In this phase of a battery’s life it is paramount to energize the cells effectively for 100% performance and longevity. Here are two other things to remember. If your charger is used comes with your golf cart, you might want to check to confirm current mode selection. Also, if changing battery type, verify and re-establish the charger MODE settings. See chart below: DPI Accusense Golf Cart Battery Charger MODE Selection Chart BP

Absorption Voltage Figures

NOTE: The Absorption Value in “Volts Per Cell” is one of the most important parameters pertaining to the charge algorithm. Different battery packs have differing number of cells; multiply the number of cells times the ‘Volts-Per-Cell’ value to obtain the voltage the charger will regulate during the Absorption Charge Stage. For example; using MODE-2 ‘Absorption Voltage value of 2.400V/cell’ from the table above:
  • 12V Battery Pack = 6 Cells Absorption = 14.40Vdc
  • 24V Battery Pack = 12 Cells Absorption = 28.80Vdc
  • 36V Battery Pack = 18 Cells Absorption = 43.20Vdc
  • 48V Battery Pack = 24 Cells Absorption = 57.60Vdc
  • 72V Battery Pack = 36 Cells Absorption = 86.40Vdc
For example; Lithium Battery MODES and using MODE-31
  • 12V Battery Pack = 3 Cells Absorption = 12.52Vdc
  • 24V Battery Pack = 7 Cells Absorption = 29.22Vdc
  • 36V Battery Pack = 11 Cells Absorption = 45.92Vdc
  • 48V Battery Pack = 14 Cells Absorption = 58.44Vdc
  • 72V Battery Pack = 21 Cells Absorption = 87.66Vdc
Many rechargeable batteries share an exact or very similar profile to one of the battery types listed above. Contact DPI directly to ask for MODE setting for a battery type not listed. You can reach them at 423-538-9002 or visit their website.