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How to Use your Golf Cart Battery Watering System.

 How To Use Your New Golf Cart Battery Watering System

Below you will find a step by step guide on how to install and use your new golf cart battery watering system.  Installation should take 10-20 minutes at most.

Checking The Water Levels at a Glance

Once installed the the most important thing to remember it to check the water level. To do this, lift the seat on your golf cart and look at the indicator sights on each battery valve. This is something you should do once or twice a month, just after you unplug the golf cart battery charger from your cart. This is the most convenient time to check because you are right there unplugging the charger. Remember though, this should only be done after you fully charge the batteries as the electrolyte in a battery (water) rises and falls based on state of charge. Learn more about your batteries here.

Filling Your Golf Cart Batteries

Here\’s another important point: be sure to use distilled water to top off the batteries in your golf cart. Tap water has all sorts of minerals in it and will eventual cause problems internally in your golf cart batteries that will shorten their life cycles considerably.

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  1. do you have New Golf Cart Battery Watering System for a 72v system. I have a 2020 ezgo 72v golf cart, the batteries are trojan t-1275 and there are 6 of them?

    Thanks Dennis

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