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Lester Electric offers new line of Golf Cart Battery Charger

Lester Electric offers new line of Golf Cart Battery Charger

BatteryPete only teams up with the best! Lester Electrical is no exception – Made in the good ole\’ US of A. Lester Electric started in 1963 as a supplier of battery chargers for golf cars. The golf industry has remained one of Lester\’s primary customers to this day. In addition to supplying the golf industry, Lester Electrical provides quality battery chargers for use with electric hunting vehicles and electric all-terrain vehicles. Lester Electrical has manufactured over one million battery chargers for the Golf Car industry and offers a variety of microprocessor-controlled SCR and ferroresonant chargers for export worldwide. Designed with the end user in mind, Lester\’s Link Series, Lestronic II ferroresonant and Lestronic III SCR chargers remain the world\’s choice for durability, performance, and ease of repair. Made with a solid steel or aluminum frame compared to the industry standard plastic cases, heavy duty handle to tote it anywhere are just a few of the rugged features that make these chargers the best on the market.

EZGO TXT 36 Volt Golf Cart Battery Charger - Lester 36V 21A


The Lester Links Series Golf Cart Chargers are industrial-grade SCR battery chargers designed specifically for use with golf cars and utility vehicles. They are available with a wide variety of DC plugs, making them compatible with most golf carts and utility vehicles, including those from EzGO, Club Car, and Yamaha. The Links Series golf cart charger features a next-generation control platform with industry-leading intelligence and features. New LED lights display  to replace traditional analog gauge that show charging amperage was a great idea over the old style sweeping needle gauge. Now you can determine where in the charging process the charging system is in real time..

New Golf Cart Battery Charger LED Display

The new LED lights will have 20 configurations to tell you what is going on under the bonnet on your golf cart. Things such as reading state of charger, status or mode, possible faults in system to name a few.

Due to Lester Electrical\’s unrivaled reputation for quality, reliability, and innovative charge algorithms, they are one of the leading golf cart battery charger manufacturers worldwide. Lester Electric has built a company that has been a trusted supplier for over 50 years. All of there chargers, including the Links Series battery chargers are proudly designed and made in the USA.