Lester Electrical Golf Cart Battery Charger

A Lester Electrical Golf Cart Battery Charger Is The Perfect Charger

Lester Electrical Golf Cart Battery Charger

If you are in the market for a Lester Electrical Golf Cart battery charger, it is likely you own a golf cart and have some batteries that need charging. That is why we have put together this guide. Here, we are going to go into depth on how you can look after your golf cart batteries so they last as long as possible.

Type and Memory

First off, you will need to know what type of battery chemistry is your cart currently using. (Most frequently you will find a lead acid battery in a golf cart) Some have derivatives of the same chemistry like AGM or GEL batteries – but they are still technically lead acid batteries. Lithium is really the only other battery chemistry that is coming on to the golf cart scene in years ahead. (Though still quite pricey.)

So we will talk about traditional lead acid batteries for now. The three basic no no’s are (1) running them out or low on electrolyte (water/acid solution) (2) Re-charging batteries after use (3) Not storing carts properly (Batteries need to be placed on a smart golf cart battery charger like the Lester Links series so they can maintain the state-of-charge in the batteries while being stored.)

When Batteries Are Not In Use

If you are not using your batteries for long periods of time they will start to sulfate (basically it is a chemical reaction and residue build-up that inhibits the ability of the electrolyte to react with the lead plates to create strong chemical reactions that create the electricity stored within them. So the best golf cart battery chargers are the ones that have a storage feature. They go into what they call a float state once they reach full charge status. Like a trickle charger kind of – one that applies low voltage/amperage over a long period of time. This keeps them above the designed voltage level and in prime condition. If you do not do this, particularly when it comes to lead acid batteries what starts out as a little residue turns into small crystals that continue to grow and grow until you have what we call cauliflower. Once at this stage the batteries are usually shot because the residue and build up got so big it shorted out the battery internally when they made two of the individual plates touch.

Fast Chargers

If you can, never use the ultra-fast charging options on your charger. Generally speaking, you will never be able to charge to 100% capacity using the fast charger mode. Usually this is only a tactic used to sell more chargers. They will charge to 70% or so. This means that you are not getting the full benefit of the charger. There is some evidence that ultra fast chargers will damage your batteries as they do not ‘trickle charge’ them when the battery is at capacity, although studies are still on going here. It is really just basic mathematics… voltage and amperage out – voltage and amperage back in… so depending on the voltage and Ah rating that will determine how long it will take to recharge the batteries in your Ev.



Remember, if you need to purchase a Lester Electrical golf cart battery charger, purchase one from an authorized Lester dealer. Otherwise your so called manufacturers warranty will not be honored. There are a few cheap imitations on the market, but they pale in comparison to the original charger. Manufacturer-branded chargers are built to a higher standard. They may cost you a little bit more, but they are going to last a lot longer and will charge your batteries efficiently and effectively. This will save you money in the long term.