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How Does BatteryPete Ship Lifeline Batteries


Lifeline GPL-4DL AGM BatteryBatteryPete provides great customer service for all of his customers whether you are purchasing in store or online. BatteryPete ships nationwide the complete line of Lifeline batteries. As a distributor for several major brands like Odyssey, NorthStar, and LifeLine we ship these types of batteries on a regular basis from several warehouses around the country or direct from the manufacture in southern California. So where ever you may live in the northeast or northwest, southeast or southwest BatteryPete has you covered.  We ship to end users and business in and outside of the country. Due to the size and weight of these products questions from customers arise as to how we ship them. Depending on the model we ship one of 2 ways; Ground parcel service such as FEDEX or UPS Ground or Common Carrier services such as R&L Carriers or FEDEX Freight. All orders leave our warehouse within 2 business days and are typically received within 3-5 days after the ship date. A list of how each model ship is below:

FEDEX or UPS Ground

GPL-24T, GPL-27T,  GPL-31T, GPL-31T-2V, GPL-31XT, GPL-4CT, GPL-4CT-2V,  GPL-U1T, GPL-3100T, GPL-2700T, GPL-2400T, GPL-1400T.



* Common carrier shipments can only be shipped to a business that is capable of receiving pallet sized freight with truck access such as a business, marina or RV park.

Shipping to a residence? Unfortunately we cannot ship common carrier shipments to a residence but we can find a local shipping terminal for will call pick up. Because we use national common carriers we can usually find a facility within 10-15 miles of your home. Feel free to contact us to get specifics on shipping to your destination. The BatteryPete Team is standing by to help you with your next order.

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