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MotoBatt Batteries for your Motorcycle

MotoBatt Batteries are designed with your motorcycle in mind!

Sport Bike MotoBatt Battery Graphic - BatteryPete

MotoBatt Batteries are not your average battery.  PowerSports batteries in general have not changed for many years. T he makers of the MotoBatt Battery have been studying the way PowerSports batteries are used and came to the conclusion that there are several factors that dramatically affect the life expectancy of your PowerSports battery.  The lead designer once stated it was very obvious across the board once we analyzed the data.  Vibration, initial loads (starting), added accessory load, and long periods of down time were the big ones.

Once we decided to move forward with the production of a new PowerSports battery we started with these key battery killing elements to design a new one.  It wasn\’t easy but what we have created is far superior to 90% of the PowerSports batteries on the market today. If you factor in the price point we sell our batteries it is 110% better than the other mainstream options available from your local parts store or motorcycle shop.

Coming straight from the horse\’s mouth – The designers say: \”Motobatt\’s innovative internal \’Power Balanced\’ design has been developed to overcome all of these problems.  Many claims have been made by different manufacturers about cranking amps and capacity.   They say there is little to be gained from a battery that cranks harder than what is required to start your bike.  In battery design there is always a trade off.  Since physical battery size is limited by the application / case size, the more cranking power (increased number of thinner plates) you have, the less Amp Hour capacity you get, and vice versa.  The key is to \’balance\” the design to offer maximum AH and CCA\’s to properly power all of your \’thirsty\’ OE and aftermarket accessories.\”

This is a very good point because we sell the whole line of Odyssey batteries as well.  There is a very big following and motorsports people (boat guys, etc.) all love the Odyssey line of batteries.  Though if we look at the history of these batteries they are all originally mil spec.  Meaning they were originally designed for the military, a good quality battery to be used in extreme situations or climates.   Years later they have been made readily available to the general public and for recreational use.  So they were never designed specifically for any given application that the general public uses them for now.  Let\’s take the PC680 for an example.  This battery is used by a lot of people – we sell a ton of them annually.  Literally – actual tons.  Our customers use this battery in cars, trucks, bikes, boats, underwater scooters, and on and on…  They offer tremendous cranking power in a little package, but they are still AGM technology.  Which is what really makes them very useful.  As for the MotoBatt batteries they are also AGM technology but designed specifically for your motorcycle.  BatteryPete intends to put one in one of his regular riding bikes to give everyone some good feed back, as he always does with new batteries or products available in his field of expertise.  So stay tuned for product reviews in the months ahead.   We touched on another subject that will require further attention in a future article about OE power hungry bikes or skis.  You can now read more about this here.

MotoBatt batteries are really a better battery for your bike.  No BS!  The proof is already out there.   Just ask a few of your riding buddies.  We hear all sorts of stories all the time about the inferior battery products out there but when it comes to MotoBatt we have heard only praise.  Once they installed one they have had no more battery related issues – just good times and more seat time.  Continue to learn more about BatteryPete\’s new PowerSports battery line from MotoBatt.