The PC680 Battery Bracket Is Manufactured By Battery Pete

The Odyssey PC680 Battery Bracket

Odyssey is one of the top suppliers in the battery industry. There are loads of features that make Odyssey battery’s the number one choice. However, this manufacture also provides a number of accessories that can help your battery function correctly, this includes the PC680 battery bracket. This bracket securely holds your battery in place so that it is not affected by movement and vibration.

About The PC680 Bracket

Did you know that the PC680 can be mounted in a variety of ways. This is especially useful when working in tight spaces. There are always instances where a special solution such as this one comes in handy. The hold down bracket allows this to happen.

This bracket is ideal for a variety of applications, including tuner cars, light weight aircrafts, go karts, and small race boats. It is constructed with lightweight aluminum, which means it is resistant to corrosion. This also helps decrease the weight of the accessories being added to the battery. Too much added weight is never a good thing in a high performance application.

Mounting this bracket on a flat surface is done with ease, as it can be positioned any way you wish. Once you have the bracket in place, you simply secure it with two screws on each side. There are a variety of choices when it comes to buying a PC680 bracket. BatteryPete also offers a super cool clamshell style bracket as well.
BatteryPete PC680 Clamshell Battery Bracket
Either of these are sold solo or you can buy them as a kit. Both are affordable options that will help secure your Odyssey PC680 Battery while looking awesome as well.

What Does The Kit Come With?

If you are needing everything to get your application up and running, then you could save some money by investing in the  Odyssey  PC680 kit option. The battery that comes with this kit is a 12 volt 520CA/170CCA 17 Ah drycell battery. It contains SAE automotive brass terminals creating Stud or Post battery terminal mounting with connecting options. It has the ability to provide 520 cranking amps and 170 cold cranking amps.

This kit includes: odyssey-pc680-small-battery-kit-side-view-600x600

  • Odyssey PC680 battery
  • Brass SAE Automotive terminals which create Stud or Post battery terminal mounting connections.
  • The bracket
  • All hardware needed for mounting

Overview of the PC680 Battery Bracket

  • Lightweight aluminum
  • Can be mounted flat or upright
  • Great for Buggys, cars, and small aircraft
  • Brushed finish suitable for painting
  • Two mounting holes on each side

Battery Pete

Here at BatteryPete, we manufacture the PC680 Battery Bracket and numerous other custom hold down systems and brackets. Find the one you need!This ensures that you are getting the best quality product on the market at the best prices. The materials that are used are produced here in the USA, which can bring you comfort when wanting to buy top of the line products.

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