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Save Time and Money with a Battery Watering System for your Golf Cart

On-Board Battery Watering Systems – Save Time & Money 

Where are they used?

Battery Watering Systems by BWTOn-Board Battery Watering Systems support most electronic vehicles that use multiple lead acid batteries. They\’re popular with golf carts, but also work for boats, RV\’s, floor sweepers/scrubbers, and pallet jacks. These devices use the same technology as industrial battery watering systems, and work with most battery brands like Crown, Deka, Trojan, US Battery and others.

How it works

An on-board battery watering system works by replacing the battery\’s existing vent caps with tubes that attach to interconnected valves. This tubing allows the user to fill all cells of the battery from a single remote location. Snap on/off water connections turn the often ignored job of watering batteries into a simple 30 second task. Each valve independently shuts off water flow after reaching the proper electrolyte level. Thus, batteries are filled perfectly every time. Learn more about the advantages of installing a watering system on your multi-bank battery system today.


A watering system provides many benefits. Extended battery life and increased battery performance are the most important benefits. Additionally, filling your batteries without having to remove the cell caps increases safety. This system can prevent acid burns, ruined clothing, and breathing noxious fumes.  Many cart owners don\’t even know they need to check and water their golf cart batteries until it is too late. By that time, they need to buy new batteries.

One of the biggest problems users encounter with lead acid batteries is overfilling them. This results in loss of acid which changes the gravity of the electrolyte (acid) in the battery.  If this occurs, you can damage the battery plates while charging. Either way, it contributes to loss of capacity and decreased life expectancy.

Check out these brands

You can learn more about proper battery maintenance using a watering system from our friends at Battery Watering Technologies.  Battery Watering Technologies. If you have an interest in the line of Pro-Fill Battery Watering Systems, follow this link.  Flow-Rite. Regardless of your  brand preference, Battery Pete can help you purchase the watering system that is right for you.

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