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Optima 6 Volt Batteries

Optima 6 Volt Batteries

Optima 6 volt BatteriesCan you not find a quality battery for your old car? How many traditional lead acid batteries have you gone through? Have you tried the all new Optima battery? If you haven\’t yet it is about time! Now is a great time to do so because with BatteryPete\’s FREE Shipping Policy you will save another $20-30 bucks off his already great prices. Purchase your Optima 6 Volt Battery Now – 8010-044

Optima 6 volt batteries are going to last alot longer than your current battery for numerous reasons. The biggest and most obvious reason is the battery technology that is inside the battery. AGM batteries are different from your dads battery because it is totally sealed and maintanenece free for one thing. (Which is good because it cannot leak battery acid all over our beautiful toys or vintage car just restored.) Or the fact it will put out probably twice the CCA (cold cranking amps) of your dads traditional lead acid battery. So it has power but how long will it last or hold that power is the key factor in this application. Lets face it you don\’t drive your baby everyday. Most classics sit in a climate controlled garage or under a cover in your personal garage until the weather breaks and it is a nice day to go fro a ride or go to a car show. AGM batteries have a discharge rate that is less than 1% a month. Whereas a traditional lead acid battery is that of about 10% a month. So if its not on a charger for a awhile it will still fire up that old classic when the time comes to do so. (Granted you don\’t have a bad ground or amperage draw somewhere in the electrical system-Most old car do somewhere) So it is always a good idea to use a battery charger like the NOCO 3500 to keep it in top form. The 3500 is great because it can be set to charge 6 volt or 12 volt batteries.

Ok so I have made the case for the new Optima 6 volt batteries over grandpa\’s old tar top but I also know better than anyone that the Optima battery line of products has suffered a little from a quality stand point after moving into a lot of the big box stores. They needed to increase their production number quickly so they outsourced some of their product part numbers to get them into the market. Not a good idea from a quality control stand-point, but the damage is done and they have made leaps and bounds in correcting those mistakes. I have seen a large number of loyal Optima battery customers and users switch over to our Odyssey batteries because of it. Though in the case of the 6 volt Optima battery it is still the battery of choice if you have a classic car still running on the old 6 volt electrical system because it is the only game in town. No-one else on the planet that I know of is offering a AGM 6-volt battery. Just not enough demand to spool up a manufacturing process to fulfill such a niche market. Continue reading here to learn more about Optima 6 volt batteries.

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    1. Don – Thank you for your inquiry… Sure thing… due to the size , power and ability to mount an AGM battery in almost any position but upside down it is the battery of choice for numerous applications pre-55′ for 6 volt systems in vintage cars or trucks…

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