Floor Scrubber and Fork Lift Batteries

Floor Equipment, Floor Scrubber and Fork Lift Batteries and Battery Chargers. Pete offers great prices on quality products like Fullriver AGM batteries, Trojan or US Battery. Also many different Industrial Battery Chargers from Lester Electrical, Delta Q and Diversified Power International. Whether you need a 24 volt battery charger or a 36 volt battery charger with the proper connector like an Anderson Sb50 or SB175 in Red or Grey. Or even the newest onboard battery chargers with the latest cutting edge charging technology for AGM , Gel or Lithium battery applications.

Covering all major applications for numerous manufacturers of floor equipment such as; Amano, Clarke, Nilfisk, Nobles, NSS, Pacific-Floorcare , Service-Master, Tennant , Tomcat-Factory-Cat , Tornado-Industries, Windsor and many more….


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  • Floor Scrubber and Fork Lift Battery Chargers

    Floor Scrubber and Fork Lift Battery Chargers (6)

  • Delta-Q iC650 AC Power Cord US (110v) PCH9000065

    Delta-Q IC Series 6.5′ AC Power Cord US

    $ 30.48
  • Lester Summit Series II 36 Volt Battery Charger
    Ships Free

    Lester Summit Series II 36/48V Battery Charger

    $ 399.99
  • Yale Pallet Jack Battery Charger AC Power Connector With LED Indicators 8825749

    Yale Pallet Jack Battery Charger AC Power Connector With LED Indicators 8825749

    $ 138.93
  • JLG Battery Charger Kit by Delta Q
    Ships Free

    Delta-Q JLG Battery Charger Kit OEM Replacement 100111211 400238

    $ 405.36
  • 36 Volt Golf Cart Battery Charger Lester Summit Series II SB50 Grey Connector

    36V Golf Cart Battery Charger Lester Summit Series II SB50 Grey Connector

    $ 431.00
  • Lester Summit Series II 1050W Version 2 – 36V 25A Battery Charger

    $ 20.33

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Amano-Pioneer-Eclipse FLOORSHARK-SH3200, Clarke-Alto ENCORE-L28, Clarke-Alto ENCORE-L33, Clarke-Alto ENCORE-S-28XP, Clarke-Alto ENCORE-S-33XP, Clarke-Alto ENCORE-S28, Clarke-Alto ENCORE-S33,Clarke-Alto Encore-S38,
Clarke-Alto ENCORE2-D33, Clarke-Alto FUSION-20I, Clarke-Alto LEADER-2400-SII, Clarke-Alto LEADER-2400D-SII, Clarke-Alto ULTRASPEED-202-SII, Clarke-Alto VISION-32I, Clarke-Alto VISION-38I, Nilfisk-Advance ADVOLUTION-24B, Nilfisk-Advance ADVOLUTION-24BT, Nilfisk-Advance AQUAMATIC-26BF, Nobles 2500, Nobles 265XP, Nobles SPEEDGLEAM, Nobles SPEEDGLEAM-5, Nobles SPEEDGLEAMPLUS, Nobles SPEEDGLEAMPLUS-LEVER, NSS-Enterprises Charger-2000BP, NSS-Enterprises CHARGER-2500BP, NSS-Enterprises CHARGER-2716DB, NSS-Enterprises CHARGER-2716DB-PLUS, NSS-Enterprises CHARGER-3000BP, NSS-Enterprises WRANGLER-27-F-B, NSS-Enterprises Wrangler-27-M-B, NSS-Enterprises WRANGLER-2730,
NSS-Enterprises WRANGLER-33-F-B, NSS-Enterprises WRANGLER-33-M-B, NSS-Enterprises WRANGLER-3330, Pacific-Floorcare SCRUBMASTER-32B, Pacific-Floorcare TRIUMPH-870, PowerBuff XT-27, Service-Master SM-16909, Tennant 2510, Tennant 2550, Tennant 5680, Tennant 5700-SERIES, Tennant 6100E, Tennant B10, Tennant B5, Tennant B7, Tennant T600, Tomcat-Factory-Cat 200, Tomcat-Factory-Cat 250SAMS, Tomcat-Factory-Cat 270, Tomcat-Factory-Cat 275,
Tomcat-Factory-Cat GTX-24, Tomcat-Factory-Cat GTX-26, Tomcat-Factory-Cat GTX-27, Tomcat-Factory-Cat GTX-30, Tomcat-Factory-Cat GTX-34, Tomcat-Factory-Cat GTX-EDGE, Tornado-Industries FLOORKEEPER-28, Windsor CHARIOT2-ISCRUB22SP,
Windsor COMMODORE-DUO, Windsor VOYAGER-DUO, Floor Equipment Batteries and Battery Chargers