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72V Universal Golf Cart Voltage Reducer (Produces 30A of 12V power for Accessories)


72V Universal Golf Cart Voltage Reducer (Produces 30A of 12V power for Accessories)

$ 129.95

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Almost every accessory that you would want to add to your electric golf cart runs on 12 volts direct current (12V DC).  This includes:

  • Stereo/audio
  • Horn
  • USB charging port
  • Tail lights
  • Headlights
  • Light Kits (although some have a built-in voltage reducer)
  • Color changing light kits
  • Cooling fan
  • Winches

However, there are NO 12V electric golf carts.   Your cart probably has a 36V or 48V (most popular for Club Car, Yamaha, and E-Z-GO), or even 72V (popular with Star Car, Tomberlein, and Gem Car) battery system made up of several batteries hooked up in series or parallel.  So how to power up those accessories and lights?   You need to add a voltage reducer (also sometimes mislabeled as a voltage converter) to your cart.

If you own a golf cart and want to run other DC powered accessories you will need a golf cart voltage reducer.  This listing is for a high power unit that can handle most if not all of the accessories you might want to add.  It is designed to handle an input (from your battery bank) as low as 60V DC or as high as 72V DC, and it will produce a smooth, clean, 12V 30A output source capable of powering all of those accessories.

Includes the voltage reducer with built in fuse holder (included and pre-wired) along with simple generic instructions (for all carts) as well as a wiring diagram specific to E-Z-GO and Club Car to make the installation even easier for those two brands.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  This reducer is NOT rated for use with Lithium Batteries.  Using this reducer with Lithium Batteries will void the warranty.

Input: 60-72V DC; 10A Max

Output: 12V DC; 30A Max

Approx Dimensions:  7″ x4″ x 2.5″



If my cart uses 6V batteries, why not connect my accessories across two of batteries and use that to power my accessories?  My voltmeter says that is 12V (2x6V), so why not use that?

Batteries perform best when they work together a set for their entire lives.   Tapping power from just part of your battery system draws the power unevenly and brings down your battery bank faster than when wired properly.

How can I tell the operating voltage of my golf cart, boat, RV, or ATV?

Borrow a simple voltmeter from a friend if you don’t already have one, or read Learn how to determine the operating voltage in your golf cart .

I understand that I need a voltage reducer, but how do I determine how much power (amps) that I need? 

Odds are this voltage reducer will handle anything you want to add unless you are adding a very powerful stereo or a winch.   But, if you want to do the math, its not hard.    Simple add together the “amps” each item takes; it should be shown on the device like “2.1A”, where the “A” stands for Amps.  If the item nameplate shows the electric power requirement in watts (W) instead, divide that number by 12 to get the amps.  (Example = 24W/2 = 2A).  Now add all of the amps together; if the number is less than 30A, this voltage reducer will do the job.

Is this hard to install?  

No special tools are required, but you do need to be able to read a simple wiring diagram.  But if you were able to install the stereo, horn, or light kit yourself, you already have the basic skills and tools you will need.  The wires are labeled and color coded and the instructions make it pretty clear.  Worst case,  buy a 12 pack and a pizza and let your buddy help you get it done in under an hour.    (Difficulty rating = 2.0 on 5 scale)


Need help selecting the right voltage reducer for your cart?  Give us a call!  Our team is standing by to help.