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Delta-Q 48V Battery Charger IC650 13A 650W with CAN BUS COMM

Delta-Q 48V Battery Charger IC650 13A 650W with CAN BUS COMM

$ 441.51

The Delta Q IC650 48 volt battery charger has proven itself as a high-performance battery charger for electric pallet jacks, floor care machines, scissor lifts. With the touch of a button, users can switch between charge profiles for lead acid (wet/flooded, sealed AGM or gel) brands or battery chemistry. This is the CAN BUS COMM unit.

Please Note – Due to worldwide usage this product does NOT include AC power cord or a DC output cord– Please check the boxes above to add these cords to your cart if needed.

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Delta Q 48 volt Battery Charger IC650 48V 13A 650W CAN BUS COMM

This Delta Q 48 volt Battery Charger is the perfect charger for your floor scrubber/buffer, walk behind fork lift or pallet jack, and even smaller scissor lifts. IC Series battery chargers provide superior reliability in difficult applications, charging both lead acid and lithium-ion batteries.  Key features include IP66-rated sealed enclosure, CAN bus communication* and USB host port for charge cycle data download and software updates.

Delta Q IC650 Battery Charger USB location Image

Why Choose Delta Q IC Series?

  • User friendly, compact, and flexible
  • Sealed and rugged. Shock, bump , vibration, humidity, and water resistant
  • Select from an extensive library of 200+ charging profiles developed in Delta-Q’s battery lab for leading lithium and lead-acid battery brands
  • Able to charge both lead-acid batteries (wet, AGM, gel) and lithium
  • Versatile user interface for easy configuration, operation and diagnostics
  • Charge cycle data logging for troubleshooting and usage insight
  • Common width and feature set enables seamless upgrading for larger packs or faster recharge times
Weight 6.5 lbs
Dimensions 9.9 × 7.3 × 3.1 in
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