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Golf Cart USB Phone Charger Dual Ports 1A 2.1A


Golf Cart USB Phone Charger Dual Ports 1A 2.1A

$ 25.24

Golf Cart Phone USB Charger – Will work on any 36v, 48v or 72v Golf Cart. Comes with mounting screws and F2 wire connectors. Pete says, All orders over $99 Ship Free

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Golf Cart USB Phone Charger Dual Ports 1A 2.1A

If you are looking for a permanent solution to charge your cell phone or other devices in-cart look no further…

This golf cart phone USB charger is designed for use with anything using DC power like your electric Golf Carts, Car, Truck, Boat, Motorcycle or Rv. Works on ALL golf carts (36V, 48V and 72V).

Don’t worry about losing phone power anymore while on the course or cruising around your town while streaming music, using GPS, rangefinders or other apps that rapidly drain phone batteries. Nor will you lose any performance on a cart’s daily drive time. Installation is very simple, does require a few basic tools Hole Saw bit 1 1/8” for your power drill, drill bit, wire clippers, heat shrink, and a basic knowledge of electrical circuits and wiring.

This Golf Cart Phone USB Charger can be wired directly to the battery bank or through the key switch (recommended) so that the USB is active only when the key is in the “run” position.

Golf Cart USB Phone Charger Dual Ports


  • Type: Dual USB Charging Port Voltage at Socket: 5V / 1A, 5V / 2.1 A Max Output Current: 3.1A
  • Dual USB Port Dimensions: 6.2 x 4.3 x 5.5 cm
  • Dual USB Socket Weight: 0.120kg

Compatible with iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3, iPhone 4, 5, 6, +, iPad, iPod or any other device using a USB low voltage charging cord.

Special Note – You will need to hook up through your voltage reducer on your golf cart because you will only apply 12v Dc to this device. If you have headlights tail lights horn stereo etc on your golf cart they are running on 12v power. You can splice into that circuit any where that is convenient in relation to the mounting location desired for your new USB charging port. This unit will charge your devices at the required 5v+ range to the USB ports.

Please feel free to contact us at (772) 444-2280 should you have any questions or if you are having technical problems placing your order. The BatteryPete Team is standing by to help you! For business accounts and multiple qty orders please call for pricing. 

Weight 0.2 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 1 in
Charger Amps

1A, 2.1A

Charger Voltage