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Lester E-Series SCR 48 Volt / 17 Amp Automatic Charger (26070)


Lester E-Series SCR 48 Volt / 17 Amp Automatic Charger (26070)

$ 445.00


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Lester E-Series SCR 48 Volt / 17 Amp Automatic Charger-This charger comes with Crowsfoot DC Plug

E-Series are cost-effective SCR industrial battery chargers. They are ideal for use in a variety of charging applications. These industrial-grade battery chargers  are well suited for use in  floor care, industrial vehicles, aerial work platforms, as well as general-purpose deep-cycle charging applications like golf carts.

The E-Series product line continues the tradition of proven Lester Electrical reliability. The case is heavy gauge and powder coated. The efficient convection-cooled design offers optimal heat dissipation without the need for a cooling fan, which further enhances reliability. E-Series battery chargers are made in the USA and tested to UL and CSA standards.

An advanced microprocessor controller is featured in E-Series battery chargers. Precise Lester Electrical charging and termination algorithms prevent both undercharging and overcharging, optimizing both daily battery capacity and overall battery life.

E-Series battery chargers are designed to remain connected to batteries with the AC power on when equipment is not in use. The chargers will periodically provide a special refresh and conditioning charge to the batteries during long-term storage to overcome battery self-discharge and reduce sulfation.

The E-Series controller is completely encapsulated in a protective material. This protects the electronics from moisture and corrosion.



  • Plug Style Crowsfoot
  • Lester Part # 26070
  • AC Input 105-128 volts
  • AC Current 11.5 amps max
  • DC Voltage 48 volts
  • DC Charge Rate 17 amps
  • Battery Type Wet or Sealed Cell
  • Charge Style Fully Automatic
  • Dimensions 9-3/8″ H x 8-11/16″ W x 11″ D
  • Weight –  39 lbs

Cross Reference-26070, 3642, 3616