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Water Deionizer for Use with Battery Watering Systems DC Powered

Water Deionizer for Use with Battery Watering Systems DC Powered

$ 417.68

Taking care of more than one golf cart? A fleet? Simplify the task of watering batteries with this water treatment system. The BWT Water Deionizer treats water from the hose, making it safe to water golf cart batteries without fear of degrading the battery systems.

Water Deionizer for Use with Battery Watering Systems

Why Use a Deionizer?

Harmful impurities from untreated water will degrade your batteries an decrease battery performance and life. To protect your equipment and extend the life of your batteries, the deionizer kit from Battery Watering Technologies can easily and inexpensively dissolve impurities in standard tap water. The system is cost effective and easy to use.

How Much Capacity Do You Get from the Cartridge?

It depends on the quality of your water. If water has particulates or sediment, a pre-filter is recommended. At three grains per gallon of total dissolved solids you can expect 1000 gallons or 3785.4 liters of capacity.

Easy Installation

Comes with input and output hose. Connects to your choice of Direct Fill Link, Manual Watering Gun, or an approved competitor filling device which are all sold separately.  Simply attach the bracket to a wall with four bolts. Connect the input hose to your water supply. Install the purity light and insert the probe into the fitting on top of the housing. Mount the display on the back of the mounting bracket.

Purity Light

Push the test button to monitor the water output and determine when the cartridge needs to be replaced. ”Good” indicates cartridge does not need to be replaced. “Service” indicates cartridge replacement is needed.

Cartridge Replacement

No tools are needed. To replace the cartridge, turn off supply, unscrew the canister and put the new one in. The old cartridge is non-toxic and can be disposed easily.

Max Inlet Pressure-100 PSI

Shipping Weight-28lbs

Water Deionizer Kit-Part# PW-1800 includes 12’ (3.66 m) hose to delivery system and 6’ (1.83 m) hose to the water supply.









NOTE:  This is not a filter. Never use for drinking water.

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Weight 28 lbs