Xsorii PowerBar 6000 mAh Powerbank Charger

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The PowerBar 6000 mAh external battery charger is full of surprises and potential.    Featuring a 180 day Standby mode Li-Polymer Organic Battery (OPB).


  • Cool Universal 3-Way USB cord
  • USB Wall Charger
  • USB Car Charger
  • USB to Lighting Cable


Xsorii PowerBar 6000 mAh Powerbank Portable Charger

The PowerBar 6000 mAh external battery charger is powerful and convenient.   It will charge your phone and hundreds of other small electronic devices.  Comes with a 3-Way USB cord that works with old and new iPhones and Androids.   The Xsorii PowerBar 6000maH Powerbank is small in size but big on power and possibilities.  The all new PowerBar utilizes a relatively new battery technology that is great for you and the environment.  Don’t be fooled by the lower quality imitations.  This one lasts.

XSORii portable charging solutions encompass fluid design elements, combined with proprietary organic blend battery technology that delivers industry leading results.  The XSORii 6000 mAh will charge a smart phone up to 5 times before it needs to be re-charged itself.  This equates to hundreds of hours of talk time when you need it most.  Especially when a traditional outlet isn’t available.   And the organic design means it’s biodegradable in our landfills.

The XSORii PowerBar 6000maH Powerbank is great for that person who is always on the go or for the frequent flyer.   Perfect gift idea.   Buy yours today!


  • 6000 mAh Organic Polymer Battery
  • 180 days in Stand By Mode
  • 5v Micro USB port
  • Universal USB cord
  • USB Wall Charger
  • Universal 3Way USB Cord (Compatible with iPhone 4 and 5 and Android)

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