Energizer Industrial 3 LED Headlight (HD33A1EN)

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Energizer offers a complete line of headlights and work lights that are waterproof, shatter-proof and create a hands free light beam. Headlamps make lighting more convenient for you to work.

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Energizer® Industrial 3 LED Headlight (HD33A1EN) Energizer work headlamps for the rest of us, including inspection headlamps and other flashlights. Whether it’s waterproof, shatter-proof or hands-free, Energizer has the headlamp for you, they are always thinking up ways to make flashlights and headlamps more convenient for you to work. Energizer Headlamps offer many different options but they all share one thing—rugged dependability. Trust Energizer® for industrial and waterproof flashlights and portable lighting.

Product Specs

Features and Benefits:

  • Powerful LEDs provide 50 lumens of light and 12 hours of run time
  •  High & Low light modes for a variety of tasks
  • Pivots to direct light where you need it
  • Slide switch for ease of control
  • Stylish and adjustable head strap
  • Includes 3 AAA Energizer Max batteries

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