Energizer Industrial C Alkaline Battery 12/Pack (EN93)

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High Quality C size batteries in economical bulk industrial packaging. The Energizer Industrial Alkaline Battery is a long lasting, reliable C battery.

Regular Price $1.82 per cell


Energizer Industrial C Alkaline Battery 12/Pack (EN93)

Regular Price $1.82 per cell The Energizer Industrial Alkaline Battery has a name and reputation you can trust. These Energizer Industrial alkaline batteries deliver economical power for modern high drain devises. Packaged in 12 cells per box(72 cells per Case) you will have enough to power all the devices in your home or office. Radio’s, remote controls, flashlights, cameras, alarm clocks, computer mouse, and much much more! These Energizer Industrial Alkaline Batteries are produced to the same specifications as the Energizer Max Consumer Alkaline Battery. Energizer Industrial Alkaline Batteries contain no mercury.  The Energizer Industrial Alkaline Battery can operate reliably in temperature extremes of -18° C to 55 C.) and have up to a 7 year shelf life.
Package Weight (lbs) 2
Manufacturer Product Number EN93
Chemistry Alkaline
Nominal Voltage 1.5 V
Operating Temperature Range -18°C to 55°C (0°F to 130°F)
Rechargeable No
For Use In Flashlights, radios, tape recorders and more.
Battery Replacement Cross Reference Guide 14AC, 14A, 814, AL-C, 7522, AM2
Product Minimum Shelf Life
7 Years

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