Welcome to Battery Pete’s Shop!

Hey, you made it!
Pete wants everyone visiting his “ALL NEW” website to know it is still “UNDER-CONSTRUCTION”.  We are constantly adding new products daily.  So if you don’t see something yet that you need, just give Pete a call at 772-444-2280 and he can help you find what you’re looking for.

We bring you all the global brands you have come to know and trust! FOR LESS!

Feel free to browse what you see…   But send us your email to become a special kind of customer!  Pete says everyone that says ‘Hi’ and leaves him a message will – RECEIVE 5% OFF – FOR LIFE!   If you choose you can also get on Pete’s mailing list to know when he brings on new products and product lines or offers new specials and more discounts!

If you are a gearhead like Pete, check out his blog or go see his Facebook page to see some of the cool toys he comes across as he helps people “Power their Passion”.

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