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The All New ArkPak 730 Has Arrived!

ArkPak 730 Portable Power Device

Ark Portable Power LogoThe ArkPak 730 Portable Power Device is the perfect solution for your on-the-go power needs. Whether your needs take you to the lake camping or just tailgating at a game, the ArkPak 730 can bring the power!

Pete\’s is now offering the new model ArkPak 730 which features the optimum in charging/powering performance. This clever portable power source charges at 7 amps for AC and DC,  and is able to power more devices than ever. Place a 12V battery inside and the ArkPak becomes:

  • a 12V battery charger
  • a portable power station
  • a battery management system
  • a dual-battery system.

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ArkPak 730 with Accessories

Additionally, the new ArkPak model got an inverter upgrade. It now powers your device with a 300 watts. This supreme power is best for multiple or power hungry devices. Let\’s take a quick walk around this new device.  Buy Now!

ArkPak 730 Diagram Image


Battery Layout:

1- External high current terminals

2- Battery isolator switch

3- Interactive Battery Management System LCD screen (Time Tracker technology)

4- Twin 12 volt sockets

5- 50 amp Anderson plug

6- 5 volt USB port

7- 110 volt socket via the built-in 150 watt inverter

8- Easy carry handles

9- Built-in 7 stage smart charger

ArkPak Digital Read Out display

Battery Management System

The Time Tracker is a sophisticated battery management system. It allows you to monitor your battery using an interactive LCD.  This screen displays the battery\’s current condition, and remaining capacity. It also shows charge time remaining, current charging cycle, battery type and size selection. The new ArkPak will fit up to a group size 31 battery (approx. 130Ah).

For shipping reasons, batteries don\’t come with this device.  As you know, traditional lead acid batteries cannot ship via common carrier as they can leak acid. Battery Pete recommends using an AGM, Gel, or Lithium type battery that we can ship. We sell some of the best in lithium battery technology from brands like CTC and Super B.  If you instead choose AGM batteries, learn more about them here. AGM batteries.

Smart Charger

The new ArkPak comes with an integrated 7 Step smart charger that monitors your battery to optimize performance.

1. Charge  Commences recovery of your battery back to peak voltage.

2. Testing  Checks the battery capacity and predicts the hours left until battery has a full charge.

3. Bulk  The period just before boost when the volts are constant.

4. Boost  Battery charges  for 4 hours at constant voltage.

5. Resting  Allows the battery to consolidate after boost by dropping voltage to 13.2V so battery can rest.

6. Float   Maintains performance and prolongs battery life. Battery voltage stays at 13.2V as device automatically adjusts charge current for 500 hours.

7: Condition  Exercises the battery and avoids sulfide build-up. After 500 hours of conditioning the charger automatically returns to charge cycle.

Recharging Options:

  • AC input 110VAC
  • DC input via your vehicle\’s alternator
  • Anderson plug/socket (AC input)
  • Solar (DC or AC). This will depend on how and where your system is set up.

Compare a traditional re-charger and the ArkPack 730 (below).  Simply incredible!  Buy Now!

ArkPak 730 Specific Device Recharge SpreadSheet