ArkPak 730

The All New ArkPak 730 Has Arrived!

ArkPak 730 Portable Power Device

Ark Portable Power LogoThe ArkPak 730 Portable Power Device is the perfect solution to power problems when you are on the move. Whether you are out for the weekend on the lake dry camping on your favorite fishing hole or just at the big game tail gating. The ArkPak 730 is the solution. We are now offering the new updated model that has been enhanced for optimum charging and powering performance. This clever portable power source charges at 7 amps for AC and DC, enabling the ArkPak 730 to power more devices than previously. Place a 12V battery of your choice inside, and the ArkPak becomes a 12V battery charger, a Portable Power Station, a Battery Management System and a Dual-Battery System all rolled into one. Buy Now!

ArkPak 730 with Accessories

With the new model they have upgraded its inverter. Now powering your device with a 300 watt unit for supreme power to charge multiple devices or a power hungry device. The revamped ArkPak 730 is the definitive portable power pack when you are trying to get away from it all for a awhile and need to stay powered.  Lets take a quick walk around the new and improved Ark 730.  Buy Now!

ArkPak 730 Diagram Image

1 – External high current terminals

2 – Battery isolator switch

3 – Interactive Battery Management System LCD screen (Time Tracker technology)

4 – Twin 12 volt sockets

5 – 50 amp Anderson plug

6 – 5 volt USB port

7 – 110 volt socket via the built-in 150 watt inverter

8 – Easy carry handles

8 – Built-in 7 stage smart charger

ArkPak Digital Read Out display

Battery Management System

The Time Tracker is a sophisticated battery management system that monitors your battery through the interactive LCD screen. The screen displays things like battery current condition, battery capacity remaining, charge time remaining, current charging cycle, battery type, battery size selection. The new ArkPak will fit up to a group size 31 battery(approx. 130Ah) Batteries are not included with the device for shipping reasons most likely. But hey I like that because then I get a good price on the unit itself and I can choose what kind of battery I want to put into it. BatteryPete recommends using an AGM/Gel/ or Lithium type of battery. They are more expensive than a traditional lead acid battery but you get what you pay more with anything in life. Batteries are no exception! Nor can a traditional lead acid battery be shipped via common carrier because they are not a totally sealed battery.(They can leak, and they out gas with charging and discharging) Because of the type of device we are referencing here and the usage options that are available to the end user. We want you to get the most out of this device. Learn more about AGM batteries here. BatteryPete even offers some of the best in lithium battery technology from brands like CTC and Super B. The new ArkPak comes with a new Integrated 7 Step Smart Charger as well. The 7 stage smart charger monitors your battery through the following cycles to optimize performance:

Stage 1: Charge – Commences recovery of your battery back to peak voltage. Then charges the battery at 6 amps up to a set voltage, at which point the battery is approximately 90% charged.

Stage 2: Testing – Checks the battery capacity and predicts the hours left until fully charged.

Stage 3: Bulk – The period just before boost when the volts are constant.

Stage 4: Boost – Peak charge for maximum performance. Battery is charged for 4 hours at constant voltage.

Stage 5: Resting – Allows the battery to consolidate after boost. The ArkPak ceases charging and allows the battery to rest while allowing voltage to drop to 13.2V.

Stage 6: Float – This maintains performance and prolongs battery life – as your battery is continually monitored and the voltage is maintained at 13.2V by automatically adjusting charge current for 500 hours.

Stage 7: Condition – This exercises the battery and avoids sulfide build-up. After 500 hours of conditioning the charger automatically returns to charge cycle.

Recharging Options:

  • AC Input 110VAC
  • DC Input via your Vehicle (While running/driving your car, truck or Rv will charge using its internal charging system via the alternator)
  • Anderson Plug / Socket (Ac Input)
  • Solar (DC or AC) (Will depend on how your system is set up or where you place the ArkPak in the mix)

Here is a little chart from Ark that gives a idea of the power in this super cool package. Some basic numbers to charge any specific device with a traditional re-charger. Then any device you might want to power or charge comparing the ArkPak 730. Simply Incredible!  Buy Now!

ArkPak 730 Specific Device Recharge SpreadSheet