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The Benefits of Lithium Golf Cart Batteries

Lithium Golf Cart Batteries-It’s Time to make the Switch

Most people are familiar with the lithium battery. They depend on its superiority to power many of their favorite possessions like cell phones and laptops. Golf carts are no exception. There was a time when the lead acid battery was the power source of choice for carts, but not any more. Lithium golf cart batteries are now the better option. Here’s why.  

Let’s start with the inconvenience of  lead acid batteries.

Most owners are not looking for another chore to add to their to-do list, and maintenance is a must with these batteries of old. Water levels must be checked each month, corroded terminals must be cleaned, and owners must tolerate smelly fumes as the batteries charge. Then there’s the task of just keeping them charged! Lead acid batteries take 8 hrs. to fully charge while lithiums can be charged in less than half this time. Taking care of lead acid batteries are frankly a pain.


Then there’s cart performance.

 Most cart battery banks are comprised of 4 to 6 batteries (sometimes 8) depending on the operating voltage and the make/model of the golf cart. Typically the battery bank weight of lithium batteries vs lead acid is 75-80% less. That combined with the consistent power and speed that lithium batteries provide as they discharge (not true with lead acid) makes for a better ride and no worries about holding up the next foursome.


Lithium batteries are now more affordable than ever.

Ten years ago, cost was a prohibitive factor in conversion to lithium power. Because processes have continued to improve, manufacturing costs have come down substantially. Today lithium batteries for golf carts cost only a fraction of what they used to. In terms of efficiency and value, lithiums will last for 3500-5000 charge cycles which is 5 times longer than the old lead acid variety. This means users will spend more time on the course and less time battery shopping.

Compare the advantages below, then visit Lithium Golf Cart Batteries  to view battery options currently available for your golf cart. For cart specific applications, conversion kits, chargers and more, call or contact us at Comparison - Lithium Golf Cart Batteries vs Lead Acid Batteries