Fairplay Golf Cart Battery Charger - 48 volt 13 Amp

The Hard To Find Bad Boy Buggy, Fairplay or Tomberlin Golf Cart Battery Charger

Bad Boy Buggy, Fairplay or Tomberlin Golf Cart Battery Charger

48 volt Golf Cart Battery Charger - Lester 48v 13 Amp - CrowsfootIf you have been searching for a new golf cart battery charger for your Bad Boy Buggy, Fairplay or Tomberlin Golf Cart look no further.  If you have a 72 volt system – Find your charger and learn more here… BatteryPete has it! Buy now! This 48 volt Fairplay golf cart battery charger with the correct OEM crowsfoot connector is manufactured by Lester Electrical.  The world renowned manufacture of golf cart battery chargers.  Lester Electrical has been manufacturing golf cart battery chargers for decades and all of these golf cart chargers come with a industry best 2 year limited warranty.  All of Lester Electrical Golf cart battery chargers are manufactured in the United States of America.  This charger features the new LED indicator design to keep you informed of the current charge status at a glance.  The all new Links Series golf cart battery charger is designed with the golf cart owner in mind.  Plug-n-play technology… plug it in and forget about it.  Whether you are going to bed, leaving for the week or the summer.  The advanced storage mode will allow you to keep the batteries in your golf cart fully charged while on vacation or away for the season.  The new links series smart chargers communicate directly with your golf cart battery system thru the crowsfoot connector. Fully automatic – once the charger has replenished your golf cart batteries it will automatically stop charging and go into a float state which is like standby mode until the charge senses the need to apply amperage to maintain full charge status. This 48 Volt Tomberlin Golf Cart Battery Charger will give you years and years of trouble free use.  These chargers are the best in the industry and will charge the battery system in your golf cart effectively and efficiently everytime.  You can purchase your new Lester Electrical Golf Cart Battery Charger now by following this link.  Buy now! If you would like to learn more about the all new links series line of battery chargers from Lester Electrical continue reading hereBatteryPete offers the complete line of Lester Electrical Golf Cart Chargers.  Pete also offers many other products and chargers for any golf cart on the market. When you are looking for batteries, battery chargers, cables or connectors think BatteryPete.com and probably have what you need and sell it for LESS!  They also offer aftermarket parts and accessories for your golf cart.  Some parts are in stock and ship within 24 hrs while others might be special order regardless they have great products and great pricing from all the name brands you already know and trust.  If you are looking to purchase a new or used Bad Boy Buggy, Fairplay or Tomberlin golf cart visit this site www.BatteriesPlusCars.com They are starting to offer a wide range of new and used golf carts as well. Late model carts like Ezgo or Club Car or crazy custom carts that look like Hummers or Hot Rods.  They will even build a custom cart for you. Just call them up and tell them what you are thinking, a very talented bunch of guys that know their stuff.