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The Best Golf Cart Battery Charger From Lester Electrical

Golf Cart Battery Chargers 

You need a new golf cart battery charger. A search online or locally at a neighborhood golf cart shop quickly becomes a hassle. Their are multitudes of options and the prices are all over the place. While absent of the ability to touch and feel it, you will usually save $100-$200 by ordering online from Even if you don\’t know exactly what kind of charger you need, you can always call Battery Pete and a team member will be more than happy to assist. Battery Pete ships all golf cart battery chargers for free anywhere in the USA (Lower 48) and if ordered before 2:00PM (EST) chargers will ship the same day. Trust Pete and his team to help you power up your cart.

Who \’s Who in Chargers

There are numerous brands of golf cart battery chargers currently on the market and obviously some are better than others. In Pete\’s opinion, Lester Electrical is at the top of the list. They have been making battery chargers for decades and are considered by this writer as the best.

Other notable brands include Accusense, DPI, Delta Q, Dual Pro, Eagle, Schauer, Schumacher, ThunderBull, and Quick Charge. All have enough amperage output at the designated operating voltage to perform as expected. Plan to spend $300-$600 dollars for a good quality charger; chargers under $200 will most likely need replacement in a few months.

Typically shoppers should seek at least 10 amps output and the required operating voltage of the golf cart\’s battery bank. Usually 13-15 amps is the sweet spot for DC output from a good charger being used for a residential application. The manufacturers do try to keep the amperage output down under 15 as most residential breakers in the home are 15 amp. Delta Q, DPI, and Lester Electrical all make larger more powerful chargers for faster charging should higher AC voltage inputs be desired. You can reach out to  Battery Pete at 772-247-4653 and a team member will help steer you in the right direction.

A Few More Features That Make Up Any Good Charger

New golf cart owners and experienced ones alike will want a golf cart battery charger to possess these features.

Basic Features:

  1. Auto Shut Off-Very important. Chargers from decades ago required the user to set a timer.
  2. Quality Components and Materials-This will determine the longevity of the charger.
  3. Reverse Polarity Protection-Also important as you do not want to blow up your new charger because you plugged it in backwards.
  4. Warranty- With any quality battery charger the manufacturer will offer at least a one year warranty.

Bonus Features:

  1. Aluminum Construction-Aluminum alloy is anti-corrosive, provides fast heat transfer, and is light weight.
  2. IP Rated-Weather resistant and water resistant.
  3. Programmable-Great feature for maximum performance and add will add life to your golf cart batteries as you can program charger specifically for your batteries.
  4. Usage Options-Versatile enough to use in multiple applications.

Golf Cart Owners Wish List Features

  1. Auto Regulating-Will turn itself on and off when batteries need to be charged. Not needing a Human hand to actually plug in and turn on.
  2. Auto Sensing-Detects and charges at multiple voltage levels.
  3. BlueTooth Connectivity-Allows you to communicate directly with the device to gather or view information and performance history wirelessly.
  4. Cutting Edge Design and Technology-Universal usage and durability for onboard or offboard application.
  5. Ease of Use-Plug it in and it does its thing until you unplug it.
  6. IP66 Rated-Water safe.
  7. Multi-Year Warranty-Industry leading warranty duration of 3 years.
  8.  Weight Loss-Traditionally chargers weigh 30-40 lbs each. Solid state devices weigh in under 10.


Everything considered, the Lester Summit II Golf Cart Battery Charger tops them all.  This charger ticks off every box on our list of needs and wants. Beyond that, they offer a 4 year warranty which is extra assurance to those still skeptical about making the switch. Considering the fact that charger manufacturers are not required to continue making components for their old models, now might be the time to replace or upgrade a poorly functioning model.

Lester really hit the ball out of the park with the Summit II. Learn More about the Old Style Chargers vs the New Style.  Read about the first time Lester made history with a charger. The big bulky, square, boat anchors Lester called the original Links Series are gone. We loved those chargers and their consistent no hassle, no fuss, reliable operation year after year. The Summit ll is the best of both worlds. World known Lester Electrical reliability, but with brains! Use this to find the Golf Cart Battery Charger you need for your golf cart. Available in 24 volt , 36 volt , 48 volt and even 72 volt applications for all the major brands of golf carts. Bad Boy Buggy Chargers , Club Car Chargers , Ezgo Battery Chargers , Star Car Battery Chargers , Yamaha Golf Cart Battery Chargers .

Why Make The Switch

The Dept. of Energy is tasked with making household electrical devices more efficient. The golf cart battery charger was one of the items targeted. New style chargers not only consume less energy to charge carts, they require fewer resources and thus leave a smaller carbon foot print to produce. So, in addition to providing stronger, more powerful batteries that last longer and require less maintenance, they are also better for the environment. If you currently have a golf cart battery watering system , these chargers provide you with peace of mind!  Get a Lester charger today and save! Plug it in and forget about it.

To learn more about these awesome chargers follow Pete.

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