The Latest Golf Cart Battery Charger Technology From DPI

The Latest Golf Cart Battery Charger Technology From DPI

The Latest Golf Cart Battery Charger Technology From DPI

Introducing the All New 4th Generation Accusense Intelligent Golf Cart Battery Charger from DPI (Diversified Power International), It truly is a perfect charger for your golf cart batteries. It’s equipped with numerous features that are an industry first and a few that are long over due. You will especially appreciate these  chargers if you are snowbird or a seasonal traveler. DPI has figured out how to make sure your golf cart battery bank stays charged up while you are away for months at a time. Never again will you have to ask your best friend or neighbor to come over every so often to turn that old golf cart battery charger of yours on.

Why? Because of the Science.

You see lead acid batteries lose about 10% of their charge a month just sitting, even more if they have a load on them. After just two months without a top off charge, your golf cart batteries are sitting in a static state with internal voltage low enough to begin sulfating. This sulfating is a build-up of internal elements that will start to limit the batteries ability to generate electricity effectively. If this continues for a few more months the batteries’ lead plates become compromised. If the electrolyte (acid solution) cannot interact with the lead properly because there is a layer of build up between the two, they cannot work together properly to create electricity. This is basically why we need to always keep our golf cart batteries charged up. A good practice is to always plug the golf cart battery charger into your cart after each day’s use. This ensures this nasty process never takes hold internally. Plus when get in the golf cart it actually has enough juice (power) to get you where you are trying to go.

Back to DPI

Now back to the topic at hand-DPI’s latest golf cart battery charger. These new 4th generation chargers have a little microprocessor that operates off DC power instead of AC power. So, once the charger completes its charge cycle it shuts off automatically and disconnects from AC power to conserve electricity (via an internal AC power relay). With old chargers, this process is usually manipulated by unplugging the charger and then plugging back in. Not anymore! They installed this little processor to keep track of time and set it up to kick the golf cart battery charger back on after 28 days. Genius! So, no more returning to your vacation house only to find your batteries are dead.

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48 Volt Golf Cart Battery Chargers   or   36 Volt Golf Cart Battery Chargers The Latest Golf Cart Battery Charger Technology From DPI

But Wait, There’s More

All of the new style chargers from DPI have a battery mode selector. This allows you to charge batteries of different chemistry (science again). Some selections even allow for a tweaked program for popular lead acid batteries. They also created a charger that is universal in design.  By making a plug-in receptacle for the DC side power cord, it can be used with the majority of the golf carts manufactured over the last few decades. Works with many combinations (except for the Club Car golf carts manufactured between 1995 and 2013 that use an OBC onboard computer). They will still require a specific charger to communicate with this OBC.) All other carts will work if the operating voltage is the same. You simply change the DC side power cord to work on other golf carts that use a different connector. So, instead of buying a new charger you can just purchase a DC side cord set for a fraction of the cost of a new charger. For example, say you have a 36 volt Ezgo golf cart that used the D36 TxT connector. Then you picked up an older 36 volt Club Car or older Yamaha golf cart with a crows-foot connector but it did not come with a charger. Just purchase a new DC side cord and the same charger can now charge both golf carts. Need to reset or double check the charger MODE settings? Here is a quick How to guide for finding and setting the correct MODe on your new DPI Golf Cart Battery Charger.