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The Motobatt Battery MBTX20UHD and MBTX30UHD

The Motobatt Battery MBTX20UHD and MBTX30UHD The Perfect Harley Davidson OEM Upgrade Replacement

Motobatt has done something in the powersport battery market that nobody else could seem to figure out. They have designed and built the perfect AGM powersports battery. Whether you own an ATV, JetSki or motorcycle the Motobatt battery is the only replacement you should install. If you own a Harley Davidson, the Motobatt Battery MBTX20UHD and MBTX30UHD should be your next purchase.

 Harley Davidson with Motobatt MBTX30UHD

We are speaking from experience as one of Pete\’s Team owns a Harley. This thing has a tremendous motor in it and it has never been nice to the batteries put in it. With the built S&S V-twin motor putting out over 150hp it takes a serious cranking battery to get her going. Crazy high compression makes it difficult to fire up.  And once she is hot it is practically impossible.

The Motobatt MBTX30UHD was finally her saving grace as this AGM battery has numerous great features. Things like QuadFlex technology – this means it comes with a few different terminal set ups so even in the tightest of spaces you can hook up your DC power leads with little or no effort. Next is the fact the Motobatt line of batteries are all AGM (Absorbant Glass Mat). These two models MBTX20UHD and MBTX30UHD are specific to the Harley Davidson brand for a few reasons. First they are black not yellow (Harley guys love black). More importantly both are designed to be good looking yet pack a heck of a punch. At 380CCA it is one of the most powerful batteries in its class. Combined with design characteristics like AGM, mounting and terminal design, rugged heavy duty case, and internal plate make up, this is the HD buyer\’s choice.

Your HD Needs this Battery

The HD series is available in a MBTX20UHD and MBTX30UHD only. A local Harley Dealer sells these batteries for up to $185. At Battery Pete you can pick this battery up for much less. And Motobatt stands behind this product with service and/or warranties. Follow this link to learn more about Motobatt batteries in general or buy yours today. All orders placed through this article will receive Free Shipping and the special price of $124.95 for the MBTX20UHD or $164.47 for the MBTX30UHD.

Power On…
Pete\’ Team