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The SkyJack Battery Charger Kit by Delta Q

The SkyJack Battery Charger Kit by Delta Q

SkyJack Battery Charger 161827-This SkyJack Battery Charger Kit by Delta Q is the perfect charger for your SkyJack scissor lift. The All new iC650 is light weight, low profile, and offers more power than the OEM charger or any aftermarket alternative. This Delta Q SkyJack lift Charger will not only increase the life of your battery system it will be able to charge your batteries faster. Due to Delta Q Technologies specific charging algorithms each charger is program for your specific size and brand of batteries. Now with 27 amps and 650 Watts of charging power make this the perfect OEM upgrade. Replaces Part#(161827, 161828) Consider the fact we have taken all the guess work out of the equation by putting it all together in a Plug-N-Play Kit that will utilize all the factory connectors make for a painless installation. Save time and money today, tomorrow and for years to come with the All New Delta Q SkyJack Battery Charger. Extend the life of your batteries with the specific charging algorithm for your batteries. (Please contact us or communicate with us during checkout the specific brand and chemistry of the batteries in your lift. This will allow us to insure the charger is set for your batteries before shipping.) It is designed to be used in an onboard application and is low profile so it takes up less space then the OE charger. It is small yet very powerful – compare to the OEM battery charger or the Signet HB600 24B at 600 watts -19 amps the new iC650 from Delta Q puts out 650 watts – 27 amps which means faster turn around time between charges. And that means more productivity! Higher productivity equals higher earning ability because the guys can get back to work faster and last longer. It can also make for a great battery charger for your floor scrubber or buffer, walk behind fork lift or pallet jack as well. If you just want the Delta Q 24 volt 27 amp battery charger without the kit look here.

This Charger kit is a direct upgrade of the OEM SkyJack Charger Pt#161827, 161828 which is compatible with the following models…

SJIII6832, SJ3215, kyjack Battery Charger Compatibility Chart
SJIII4620, SJ3219,
SJIII4626, SJ3220,
SJIII4632, SJIII4832,

SkyJack Battery Charger AWP Kit includes:

  • iC650 Charger
  • Sealed AC Cord with Retention Clips
  • OE Genie Mounting Plate
  • DC Cord
  • Interlock Relay w/ Signal Harness
  • Signal Harness Adapter
  • Mounting Fastners
  • Installation Instructions
  • Owners Manual – General Use Instructions

If you are a business owner you analyse everything. Time is money, reliable quality tools and products that allow you to perform your job or provide a service are essential to any businesses success. Just another reason why buying a plug-N-play kit when you need to replace your old charging system in your SkyJack Scissor lift or aerial work platfrom makes sense. These SkyJack Charger kits truly have the best battery charger on the market for your lift. Lets not even get into the conversation about cost of ownership when buying a cheap charger to just fix the immediate problem. Buy a Skyjack Battery Charger Kit and have peace of mind that you did the right thing. It is ok to pay a little more now to save a lot more later or over the course of owning a piece of equipment. Buying the battery charger to keep your equipment up and running smoothly is no different. Continue reading to learn more about the Delta Q SkyJack Battery charger.

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