Vintage Muscle Cars

Vintage Cars in South Florida

Battery Pete finds himself surrounded by vintage cars often.

Vintage Muscle Cars

Shelby Cobra Replica

Vintage Muscle Cars Vintage Muscle CarsPete has a very extensive history in the car world. His family has been around cars since Henry Ford started manufacturing the Model A. Pete’s passion for vintage muscle cars or really anything with a engine in it is undeniable. Pete’s idea of a perfect day is great weather and uninterrupted play time with his toys or just talking with like minded people that share his passion while admiring your toys.

Vintage Volkswagon

Scooby Doo! Where are You?

Ford T-Bucket -

Vintage Muscle Cars

The name is Bond – James Bond

Over the years he has owned numerous cars, trucks, motorcycles or boats. Whether it is wrenching on them or riding in them he loves it. This passion is what really began to fuel his desire to start another business. When it was play-time again the batteries were always dead in his toys. So Pete set out to develop what has become another ever consuming passion “BatteryPete”. Your one stop shop for all your battery and battery related needs.

Custom Choppers

Pete and his Fleet!

What better way to enjoy a beautiful Friday night in South Florida than to see, feel and experience the beautiful cars that the worlds greatest manufactures have created over the last 100 years or so. We bring to you some of the cool pictures of the cars, trucks and motorcycles Pete likes enough to snap a photo. Enjoy!Vintage Cars Vintage Cars

Vintage Muscle Cars

1966 Corvette Convertible

Vintage Muscle Cars

1958 Corvette Convertible

Vintage Muscle Cars Vintage Muscle Cars 1940's Cruiser - 50's Chevy Pickup 50's Chevy Pickup power