Wanting to Switch to Lithium Batteries - Why?

Lithium Golf Cart Batteries – What Are The Benefits of Switching

Lithium Golf Cart Batteries – Still a dream or is it reality today?

We all have heard the term Lithium Battery and kinda know what they are because they are intertwined in our day to day lives everywhere you turn. Cell phones and laptop computers will be the most popular sources, but that is just the tip of the iceberg. Lithium Batteries have become a major part of our lives and the benefits are far reaching. Now here we go again – lets combine our golf cart with this battery technology to make for a more user friendly experience. Lithium Golf Cart Batteries have always been on the tip of our tongue when people in the know like actual golf cart owners or the people servicing them for numerous reasons. Mainly because lead acid batteries are just so messy, a pain to maintain and then there is the sheer size and weight involved with a battery bank for a golf cart. Usually comprised of 4, 6, or 8 batteries depending on the operating voltage and the make and model of the golf cart. Lets face it in this day and age everyone wants convenient and easy, yet effective and efficient. So the batteries in your golf cart should be no exception right? Wrong! Well at least for the past decade or so as lithium battery technology has come full circle again – kinda like the microchip back in the day. A few times actually because as processes have continued to improve the products and manufacturing costs have come down substantially the possibility of lithium batteries in a golf cart application are finally here. Prior to this point in time the cost was just to much for most people to swallow to convert their golf cart or EV to Lithium from Lead Acid. On average it would run 6-10k just a few short years ago. Not anymore….. today you can replace your old batteries with a lithium package for a fraction of that. Check out the options currently available for your golf cart here. The people at Allied have figured it out – Now the average person / golf cart owners are taking the plunge into the world of lithium golf cart batteries and throwing away those messy old lead acid golf cart batteries. It makes perfect sense, all golf cart owners only have one for a purpose or enjoyment and dealing with maintenance and battery up keep is just such a pain.   Who wants to check the water levels each month in a bunch of batteries, clean up corroded terminals, smell those stinky fumes as the batteries charge. Oh lets not even go there – charging them is always a pain – or should I say keeping them charged. Lead acid batteries are stubborn but effective and very affordable – hence they are still being produced in the 21st century. They are still probably the cheapest portable power supply on the planet. But with a limited performance rate based  on capacity at only 50% depth of discharge in relation to a lithium battery which can quite frankly be discharged 100% and still survive day in and day out lead acid batteries are not nearly as efficient. Then there is the weight savings as well – typically the same size battery bank comprised of lithium batteries vs lead acid batteries weight 75-80% less  – based on Ah ( Amp hours ).

Features and Benefits – In a nut shell. ( Or a Golf cart! )

Comparison - Lithium Golf Cart Batteries vs Lead Acid Batteries Want to learn more about Lithium Golf Cart Batteries and what will be the best set up for your application checkout Pete’s Golf Carts for cart specific applications, Complete Lithium Golf Cart Battery Conversion Kits ( Packages – Including Chargers), recommendations and installation specifics. Customer reviews and much more…..