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How To Determine – What Year and Model of My Club Car Golf Cart

Here is a quick step by step guide or \”How To\” to help you find the information you need to determine the model and year of your Club Car golf cart. See below.

Why Do I Need To Know The Age of My Golf Cart

Knowing the year, make and model of your golf cart is important when you need to order parts or accessories.  Having this information is also very important when you are in the market to purchase a new club car golf cart battery charger because certain models required certain chargers. In order to ensure you purchase the correct charger for your golf cart we will need to know the exact model year for your cart. This is because all club car golf carts manufactured before 1995 did not have an onboard computer even though the connector is the same round three pin connector, it will require a different charger. All club car golf carts manufactured after 1995 have an OBC or Onboard computer and use that type of charger. P

Locating the Serial Number

People often ask us how to determine the year of their Club Cart. First you should look for the serial number. In most newer carts (1990\’s and up) you will find the serial number for your golf cart on a bar coded sticker either above the accelerator and brake pedal area or below the passenger side cup holders. The letter or letters at the beginning of the serial number will tell you the model you own. See list below for the basics. It should be one or two letters. The following four digits will tell you the Club Car golf cart model year and week that your golf cart was built. The six digits that follow is basically the serial number assigned to each club car golf cart built within that model year.

Serial Number Locations Based on Model and Year

Vintage Club Cars – Usually under the drivers side seat on a frame rail (1970\’s and 1980\’s)


Club Car DS Models

1.) Above the Pedal Assembly Below Instrument Panel ( Late 1990\’s and Up ) or  2.) Below the Glove Box Area On Passenger side ( 1981 and Up )


  • DS Models Serial Number Pre-fix Designation

A = DS Electric
AA = DS Electric (48-volt)
AB = DS Electric (36-volt)
AC = DS Electric (48-volt)
AQ = DS Electric IQ (48-volt)
AG = DS Gas
DS = DS Power Drive (48-volt)
HA = DS Electric (36-volt)


Club Car Onward

1.) On the Passenger side Dash Support Upright ( 2015 and Up )


Club Car Precedent

1.) Inside Passenger Side Glove Box Area ( 2004 to 2008.5 ) – Also know because only Precedents  came with 4x 12 volt batteries

WHAT YEAR IS MY CLUB CAR GOLF CART - Club Car Precedent Pre-2009


2.) On the Passenger side Dash Support Upright ( 2008.5 and Up )




  • Precedent Models Serial Number Pre-fix Designation

CE = Precedent Electric – ( First Generation – Limited Edition )

JE = Precedent Electric – ( Special Note – Does Not Have An OBC \”Onboard Computer\” )

PD = Precedent I2L Excel
PE = Precedent Electric 4 Passenger
PF = Precedent Gas
PG = Precedent Gas
PH = Precedent I2 Excel
PJ = Precedent I2 4 Passenger Excel
PR = Precedent Professional Gas
PQ = Precedent Electric IQ (48-volt)
PS = Precedent L2 Electric
PT = Precedent L2 Gas
PU = Precedent I2 Signature Excel
PY = Precedent Signature Gas
PZ = Precedent Signature Electric


Club Car Tempo

1.) On the Passenger side Dash Support Upright ( 2018 and Up )


Club Car Serial Number Examples

Here is an example so you can visually understand what you are looking at on the Club Car serial number bar code sticker. In the image below you will see the designation – PH1349- This is the first part and most important part of the number… It means this Club Car Precedent Golf Cart is a 2013 I2 Excel model manufactured in the 49th production week.

What Year is my Club Car Golf Cart - Club Car Precedent Pre-14


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