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Which Size Battery Valve Do I Need For My New Golf Cart Battery Watering System

Which Battery Valve Do I Need For My Battery Watering System

We get phone calls all the time asking \”Which size battery valve do I need for my new golf cart battery watering system?\” Below  you will find answers to this question with a few charts from Battery Watering Technologies. The information  covers the basic battery manufacturers of golf cart batteries.

Arm Length

As you will notice from the chart, most 6 volt and 8 volt golf cart batteries are using the longer arm (1.73\”) VB-TBB valve. Only in a few of these  batteries will you find a shorter arm length (1.46\”) . Usually the VB-TBY valve pairs with the 12 volt golf cart batteries. They use a shorter valve because the lead plates take up more space within the battery case. They also come up closer to the top of the battery and individual cells.  These valves sit in each cell. Floats attached to the arms move it up and down depending on the water level internally. If the valve arm is bottomed out on the lead plates it will always give a false reading. It may indicate that the batteries have enough water even though they could be totally  or half empty.


Need New Batteries?

Below is a list of the possible batteries you may be currently using in your golf cart. If you intend to replace your golf cart batteries soon, wait before purchasing a watering system. And be sure to replace the batteries with the same make and model. This will ensure that the battery watering system will still fit properly on the new batteries. Battery Pete recommends you go with a quality battery that will give you years of trouble free use. Brands like Crown, Deka, Trojan, and US Battery are all highly recommended.

NOTE: Please be aware that this is the old style BWT valve guide for those trying to find a replacement valve for their system manufactured prior to 2016  Learn more about battery watering systems.

If you are looking for the current battery watering system valve guide from Battery Watering Technologies Visit Pete\’s other blog  New Style TBU valve and system information, kits, or valves currently available.

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