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Who has The Best Golf Cart Battery Charger

Who has \”The Best Golf Cart Battery Charger?\”

the Best Golf Cart Battery ChargersGolf cart battery chargers come in many shapes and sizes. They are also manufactured the world over in numerous places for numerous reasons. Some of these golf cart battery chargers are good , some of them are great and some are just down right terrible. BatteryPete has given us some food for thought why he believes that Lester Electric makes the best all around golf cart charger for the money for your golf cart. He goes further in depth to say hands down Delta Q technologies makes the best but they are considerable for expensive.

A lot of the golf cart battery chargers on the market today are manufactured offshore because of obvious reasons like cheap labor, manufacturing plants that have very lax pollution standards if any at all. Yet going hand in hand with that school of thought the manufactures will use inferior quality materials and components to keep the costs down because the company that has decided to use this process has in mind a cheaper battery charger will sell better in today\’s economy of online sales. On the flip side of that coin you wind up having a lot of junk in the consumers hands that once it breaks (which eventually it will break) you cannot get parts to repair them or warranty issues are not handled properly if at all. The usual things that happen is short circuits from terrible welding/soldiering of internal components or from the use of inferior alloys to make the connections internally. Pete talks of seeing a lot more of overheating issues where things melt internally. These cheap chargers usually sub $200 range – definitely if it is sold for under $100 are made with plastics and molded parts. These golf cart battery chargers are melting from the amperage going through them for hours at a time because of bad heat dissipation. Once the internal components melt they are shorting out whatever they where designed to space out between connections. This can be very dangerous because who cares about the $100-$200 charger that just burned up if it starts a fire in your garage full of stuff a lot more valuable. You get what you pay for – spending a little more now will save you a lot later. So just forget about any charger for your golf cart if it is less than $200. It is not worth the time and aggravation.

On the other end of the spectrum you have companies like Delta Q Technologies that have been manufacturing battery chargers for all sorts of applications for years and years. They understand the process and what a charger needs to do but also understand what happens to a charger when it is not built with quality components. So they use only the best in all of their units. They actually make a great charger – but best of all it is universal the world over because they have designed them to plug into any power supply the world over. Whether you live in the US where 110-120VAC in the normal wall socket or if you live in England where you will need a different plug to get power to the battery charger so it can in turn charge your batteries. Learn more about Delta Q Technologies battery chargers.

Then you have Lester Electric Golf cart battery chargers. Now Lester Electric has been manufacturing golf cart battery chargers for over 50 years now and that is pretty much all they do. So it is very obvious to see why they do it well and why BatteryPete only sells them because plain and simple they are the best! They have been the leading supplier to the OE market for decades, but more importantly they are made with quality in mind. BatteryPete said they still have a charger at the warehouse that has been going strong for over 20 years now and still works great. It might not have all the user friendly features of the New Lester Links Series golf cart battery chargers but it gets the job done. Beyond quality they are made right here stateside so if there ever was an issue with a battery charger customer support and parts are available. They also have the industry leading 2 year warranty, nobody else does that – nobody! So if you are looking for the best golf cart battery charger for your cart just do your self a favor and buy a Lester. You will be glad you did. If you are still not sold on the idea that Lester Electric makes the best golf cart battery charger for the money continue to read and learn more about them here.

The Best Golf Cart Battery Charger

A little more about BatteryPete… Pete believes in only selling quality products from companies that are morally and ethically correct. Selling products from global brands you as a consumer already know and trust. Pete just does it for LESS! Pete not only strives to bring you the best products at the best prices, but wants to deliver to your door as fast as humanly possible and do it for free! All order will always ship free freight if the total order value exceeds $100. Though when Pete is not working on bringing you the latest greatest portable power product he is in his work shop tinkering. Pete is an avid classic car collector and loves to restore things to there original glory – from boats, cars, motorcycles and trucks  Pete has done it all over the years. Whether he is building something for his personal enjoyment or building something for a customer he just loves to tinker. Listening to Good old classic rock and roll or classic country music Pete just hums along to the tunes as he tinkers away. From mild to wild Pete has built cars that can produce 1000hp from a gas combustible engine or that can cruise from coast to coast in comfort and style. Pete is currently working on a few battery powered motorcycles that might just change the way we look at the classic motorcycle. Pete says that battery technology is finally catching up to the engines of yesterday and now one can build an EV that can be fast, reliable and affordable. Pete says it is important for the future of this country or even the world over to have a sustainable source of power that can be re-used again and again. Electric vehicles are going to be the new frontier for modern daily travel by 2050. Today we already see many manufactures building electric vehicles with different levels of success. To learn more about BatteryPete stay tuned here on his blog.