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Who Makes The Best Battery Watering System for your Golf Cart?

Well you asked so here we are talking about it! Who does make the best battery watering system for your golf cart? I know, I know this might seem quite arrogant but we do! BatteryPete has been doing it for years… Pete works with the top manufactures in the industry to put together cart specific systems and offer to the public. Find the specific battery watering system for your golf cart here.

Finding the right battery watering system for your cart

After doing this as long as we have been doing it, we know what works best for what. Meaning some applications are better suited for one brand of battery or golf cart manufacturer or other application and another for another. If that makes sense to you then maybe you just want a basic kit or universal watering system based on batteries in the bank or a specific application like a floor scrubber or stock chaser? BatteryPete offers universal kits for those of you wanting to install in special or custom application. Pete will also build one to suit those with a completely custom battery configuration or one of a kind systems using only the best components in each and every watering system.

Hydrolink battery watering systems

Let\’s take the Hydrolink battery watering system into consideration for a minute. The Hydrolink battery watering system has one specific feature that sets it above the rest and makes it one of the best. It is the fact they use a non mechanical valve that does not break or get gummed up over time and will never give a false reading.  The Hydrolink battery watering system also uses one piece cap covers for a super fast and easy installation. That is always a plus with the DIY guy. Leaving more time for fishing or watching the game on the weekend. Lets face it that is why we are installing something like the Hydrolink watering system in the first place. It will free up some of our down time to do other things besides preventive maintenance and working on stuff on the weekend.

The Hydrolink battery watering system is a great battery watering system if not the best all around battery watering systems if you have Trojan Batteries in your golf cart or EV.

For the non-Trojans

But if you do not have Trojan batteries the Hydrolink system will not work. This is because the Trojan Battery Company uses a specific cell spacing between cells on each battery compared to the rest of the industry. So being you will need to look at the other industry best watering system from Battery Watering Technologies. These guys also offer a great system with a little different spin on things…

Quick look indicator on BWT

Pete loves these over all others systems mainly because they have a quick look indicator on each individual cell so you can really see and keep tabs on what your batteries are doing in real time vs the other systems with a one piece cap and only an indicator for the battery as a whole. The BWT systems also utilize a non mechanical valve but best of all being they are individual you can create almost any system you need to cover with the proper number of valves, end caps, T\’s and tubing to connect everything together. All while creating the system to route the best way possible vs some of these engineers you just wonder \”What the Heck where they thinking when they designed this one?\” as you install it. Not with the BWT systems – hands down I concur with Pete they are the best all around solution for a battery watering system.

Pick yours up today and save! The All New BWT Golf Cart Battery Watering System! Pete gave us the thumbs up to offer Free Shipping on all these orders if purchased through this article! For more specifics on the best golf cart battery watering systems based on specific golf cart make and model you can find all you will need here with installation illustration images to compare your golf cart battery configurations.

Flow-Rite Systems

Now even though we let the cat out of the bag already we cannot seem bias and not talk about the Flow-Rite Systems as well. Flow-Rite also makes a nice system with one piece cap covers and non mechanical valves. Though the biggest difference is the flow rite battery watering system is available for almost every type and size battery on the market not just Trojan batteries as the Hydrolink watering system. This is the biggest reason they have thrived over the years and become a  major draw for most guys because not everyone has Trojan batteries in their golf cart or RV but want a good watering system.

Biggest down side is finding the right one for your application and cost. The Flow-Rite is on the high side of battery watering systems when it comes to cost with no real upside previously they where the only game in town and we just ponied up the dough. But with BWT now available it just becomes a no-brainer once you are in the know.

Finding the stock

Most systems have specific caps for each battery brand – most suppliers only stocked a few of the basic kits for common batteries or carts and not for all others, so you wound up waiting 3-4 weeks for the manufacturer to ship them special order.

With Trojan Hydrolink systems or the BWT system: no waiting. Pete stocks them all, and offers same day shipping on orders placed before 2PM (EST)

This, in my opinion, is why Pete and I think the best battery watering system is the Battery Watering Technologies (BWT) battery watering system.

If you would like more information on the flow rite watering system continue reading here or if you would like to purchase your new BWT battery watering system now.

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  1. I have a Club Car 48 volt with Trojan batteries. It has the Flow-Rite watering system with a gray connector on the end. Was wondering if the connector at the end of the hose on the 2.5 gallon tank ” Water My Batteries” will connect to my gray connector.

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