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Why Buy Deka Gel and AGM Batteries

Why should you buy a battery like the Deka Gel or AGM Battery

Do you need a high quality battery that won\’t lose power after a short amount of time? Are you using in a boat or RV? Do you need reliable house power while dry camping or at anchor? Most manufacturers don\’t make batteries to last. Companies like East Penn Deka, Enersys, or more known for the Odyssey Extreme series batteries, even Lifeline batteries or NorthStar make quality batteries for these thypes of applications. Since these types of batteries aren\’t cheap, you ask why ? The basic saying I tell everybody is \”You get what you pay for! If you want quality  – quality costs more! In the case of batteries it is more important and surely not just based on a brand name. Companies come and go, advertising budgets magically appear and push known brands, but with batteries like the Deka Gel or AGM battery will be tried and tested. If they do last and perform as advertised the word gets out among fellow boats and campers alike. It is also worth the extra dough to truly enjoy your toys and the equipment or electronics that require alot of power. The cost adds up over time when using a traditional lead acid battery vs a much higher quality AGM or Gel battery. With Deka Batteries, you no longer have to worry about faulty batteries or batteries that just won\’t do the job or just last longer. ALOT longer – in most cases Gel or AGM batteries last 3x the cycle life over traditional flooded batteries. Both AGM and Gel batteries utilize oxygen recombination and pressure relief valves similar to a VRLA battery to minimize water loss and allow maintenance-free operation.

East Penn Deka has been around for decades, with a reputation for making high quality, world class products that last. Almost everything they make is made in the USA in a state of the art manufacturing facility. They make products that consumers have been talking about for years and all good stuff.

Deka makes thousands of different sizes, styles, and types of lead acid batteries, battery accessories, and wire and cable products for almost any type of application you can think of. Whether you need a battery back for your RV, boat, golf cart, or power sport vehicle, you can search through Deka\’s extensive product list to find the perfect product you are looking for.

Prices on most of their batteries and accessories are extremely affordable in relation to other AGM based batteries. So does Northstar batteries as well, so you don\’t have to break the bank by purchasing their products. Since you will no longer have to worry about purchasing multiple products a year, their products are definitely worth the small investment you put in to buying one. The variety of products is also outstanding. You can choose between 6 or 12 voltage, AGM or Gel chemistry, and the battery capacities range from 7 Ah all the way to 250 Ah.

To purchasing Deka batteries and/or accessories, follow me.