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Why CTC Batteries Have Become Popular

The Popularity Of The CTC Battery Is Growing

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The consumer popularity of the CTC battery (Lithium) has skyrocketed lately. Traditionally lead acid batteries powered small devices and backup power supplies. Even with the advent of the superior lithium type, these batteries are still around today because manufacturers are drawn to the lower cost. But lithium batteries are usually a better choice for two main reasons: their life and their lighter, sealed design.

Why They Are Better

A CTC battery will last five times as long as a traditional lead acid battery. Applications that need to continually recharge the battery in order to use the device are good candidates for lithium power. Things like kids ride on toys, trolling motors, fans, and anything using an electric drive motor that is drawing constant power. Even things like security and surveillance equipment should use lithium.  Devices like back up power supplies for your computer are fine to run a lead acid battery because they don\’t cycle like applications that need the battery as a power source to operate.

CTC batteries are also comparatively lower in weight so they are a good choice for people when weight is a concern.  Photography equipment, testing or recording equipment, anything that requires someone to carry equipment will benefit from lighter weight lithium batteries.

Lower Priced

The At the end of the day it is all about functionality and value. The increased cycle life alone makes it the obvious choice in some applications. Combined with the weight reduction and lower discharge rates it usually makes more sense than a lead acid batter. With the progressive price drops, upgrading to CTC batteries makes good sense!

If you have the part number for the dead battery in your device, cross-reference that number to the available CTC products BatteryPete offers and you can start enjoying the benefits and peace of mind lithium battery technology provides.

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