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Why is a Battery Watering System a Good Idea?

Why is a Battery Watering System a Good Idea?

Ok so you are obviously considering purchasing a battery watering system for your golf cart or and other application that requires you to utilize multiple batteries to generate the kind of power to make it useful. Well you have come to the right place – BatteryPete not only offers numerous battery watering system options he has a Team of specialists ready to help you get what you need. Whether it is the Hydrolink Pro Fill battery watering system that will meet your specific golf cart needs,  or the Trojan Hydrolink watering system specifically designed for Trojan batteries. BatteryPete even offers cut to fit or universal watering system kits here  whether you need a kit for two batteries or 6 batteries. Or view the complete line of products from Battery Watering technologies here.

Pro-Fill Battery Watering System - Universal

Now with that said, \”Lets talk about the features and benefits of battery watering systems in general.\” We will also discuss some specific features and benefits of a quick fill battery watering system as we learn a little today. Til then lets start with \”why they are a good idea.\”

If your battery system is comprised of traditional lead acid batteries you should consider one immediately. This type of battery has been around for a long time. For at least a hundred years and they still remain the most common used today. It is not without good reason either – if later on you would like to learn more visit some other posts in our blog that discuss more in depth. Though it’s one of the oldest recipes for portable power it is still found in a wide range of applications the world over. This is basically because they are relatively cheap to manufacture compared to other types of portable power sources and if considered on a scale of power to weight ratios that are actually renewable on several fronts. It is a no-brainer! But these types of batteries do require some general maintenance to last a long time. Hence the design and wide use of a one point quick fill battery watering system.

This is due to the fact that during the process of recharging a lead acid battery some of the water or electrolyte inside the battery is broken down into elements like hydrogen and oxygen. This is also why lead acid batteries are vented or are valve regulated so this gassing can escape. Otherwise it would create great pressure within the battery casing until it cracked or exploded to release the pressure, but the Sulfuric acid within the battery isn’t lost in the process, just pure water.  So over the course of time or life of a battery the water levels are depleted and need to be replaced to maintain optimal performance of the battery. This is why we need to check the water levels in your batteries periodically and replace it when needed.

Saving Time and Staying Safe

To check and fill a bank of batteries (or multiple banks) of batteries can be time consuming. It can also be quite dangerous if you are not careful and know what you are doing. On each battery you will need to open the cell cap, check the water level, add water when needed and recap. Then repeat however many cells are within the battery bank. This is obviously time consuming, then factor into the fact you are dealing with battery acid. Exposing yourself to breathing it and the possibility of overfilling a cell causing acid to drip all over your vehicle, the ground below or yourself. In some cases it is pretty easy to do but in others it is quite difficult because the location or position of the batteries in the vehicle or vessel. To learn more about the best Custom Pre-Cut Golf Cart Pro Fill watering systems or about a great universal Pro Fill watering system continue reading. 

If you would like to know how difficult it is to install your own golf cart watering system continue reading here.

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