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Why is the MotoBatt Battery the right battery for your Bike?

Why is the MotoBatt Battery the right battery for your Bike?

Well to be quite frank – it is because the MotoBatt Battery was designed with your motorcycle in mind.  A totally new concept in the battery world.  Usually people are building bigger, badder, better faster motorcycles and don\’t think about all the little things that the average rider like you and me experience over the course of ownership.  Batteries is a big one!  Of course some will say tires are important, or doing tune ups, or chain stretch.  But batteries are a big one because they are always attached even when the bike is not being used.  Some will say they disconnect the battery when not being used,  but that doesn\’t really help.  Traditional lead acid batteries still lose 10% of their state of charge a month just sitting.  It only helps to disconnect it when you have some sort of short or load on the battery that might drain it in days not weeks.  We always recommend putting a battery charger or maintainer on your motorcycle,  jet-ski, snow mobile or whatever shape and size your toy might be.  If it takes a battery when in storage you need to maintain the battery if you want to extend the battery life.  BatteryPete has numerous chargers for all your battery needs.

Motobatt Battery realized early on that one of the biggest things that the battery manufacturers of yesterday overlooked was progress.  All batteries in general use a BCI group size rating.  (Well most of them – Odyssey for example does not conform to it.)  But all standard OEM products are of a certain BCI group size.  Learn more about BCI Group.   Let\’s use standard boat batteries for example – they come in 5 basic sizes: 24, 27, 31, 4D, and 8D. That\’s it.  Simple!  Each battery number will represent a standard dimensional displacement LxWxH (length x width x height) the world over. Standardized products and components have been around for decades and for good reason.  The industrial revolution started a race to build all sorts of things and a lot of components for a given product are manufactured in different regions of the country and now the world.   Eventually they became part of something much more complex or useful – like a car or motorcycle.  Which have many, many moving parts, and now more and more electronic parts.

Which brings us to the point of this whole article.  Batteries could not stay the same for ever just because they are of a standard size to fit a designated battery area.  As our motorcycles and toys have evolved the battery needed to as well.  With all the new electronic gadgets we carry on our persons alone we need a way to recharge them on occasion.  The vehicle we ride or drive is no different.  This holds true for all forms of transportation but we will stick to motorcycles for obvious reasons.  Technologically speaking some motorcycles are very much as advanced as the new cars we drive today. Mechanically they just have fewer moving parts.  All have an OBC (On-Board Computer), Fuel Injection, and Electronic Ignition.   Nowadays some even come with Ride Control, Stereo systems, Navigation, Cruise control and I am sure several other electronic systems I am overlooking, but you get my point.

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Today\’s motorcycles demand more battery power to power it effectively.  The battery doesn\’t just start the bike anymore.  Heck, if you do not maintain a certain voltage within the electrical system the bike will stop running.  That was unheard of years ago.  So then the internal design of a battery needed to change to accommodate these technological advancements.   Hence the good guys from MotoBatt Battery.

Motobatt\’s innovative internal \’Power Balanced\’ design has been created to overcome these problems.  The key was to \’balance\” the design to offer maximum Ah and CCAs to properly power all of your electrical system\’s needs on a stock motorcycle.  Let\’s not even get into the aftermarket accessories. The cranking power of the battery is only part of the equation.  In battery design there is always a trade off because the physical size of the battery is limited by the application / case size.  If you want to generate more cranking power (Ca or CCa) you increase the number of plates – by making them thinner.  But in doing so you reduce the Amp Hour (Ah) capacity you get, and vice versa.  The key is to \’balance\” the design to offer maximum Ah and CCAs to properly power your motorcycle.  MotoBatt has designed the battery to meet the needs of your trusty steed.  You can buy one today and save or you can Read more about it here:  The MotoBatt Battery was designed with your motorcycle in mind.